Hello world!

Hello world!

Yes, ‘Hello World!’ indeed.

So here I am, let loose in the blogosphere.

Whether it’s fair to a World already ravaged by a pandemic remains to be seen.

As usual, I am shirking responsibility.

If you ever get to know me better (here’s a start), you will soon realise that this is the norm with me.

I blame all those friends who thought it was a great idea for the world to have Yet Another Food Blog.

They nagged me until I had no option but to get off my backside & start one already.

(I lie. I have discovered it’s a great excuse to sit on my backside and pretend to be busy).

So if anyone owes the World an apology for this blog, it’s them, not me.


8 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  • Hello Hello Suman! Congratulations!!! So good to see that you have created a space for your passion and love in the blogosphere! I look forward to reading all about your cooking experiments, seeing pictures of the final product that you create, and who knows I might even try some of the recipes too! Fondest bestest wishes to you!!!

  • Hello Suman Mhave!
    I loved reading your beautifully written blog:)
    I’m so inspired by your passion for cooking!
    All the very best🥰

    • Thank you dear Anshah! So very sweet of you to leave this message. I think you already have enough inspiration at home for cooking 🙂 but I am happy to do some long-distance inspiring too. Much love, xx

  • Helloooo Suman!
    So excited to see your website finally. Wish you all the best 😍😘You have always been so passionate about international food and cooking.It will be very inspiring to follow this page. Well done my dear.

  • Dearest Suman 😘
    Finally Here you come .. so so pleased about this blog
    Your passion for food and artistic presentation and unique mouth watering receipes beautifully written blogs
    Can’t stop myself ( your altimeter admirer ?
    Love each and everything you do
    All the very best
    Keep inspiring us and hapoy cooking
    Much love chandra

    • Hi Chandra, Thank you so much for stopping by and saying these kind words. I hope you love the recipes and enjoy making them – hopefully I can cook for you very soon! Much love darling coffee mate! xx

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